Hallowe'en: My Late CAT Named "PUMPKIN"

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Although there is the deductible, I do find that my expenses are balanced by the veterinary costs and piece of mind. I get the peace of mind knowing that extraordinary expenses will be covered. I hope that does not happen of course but it did for my late cat named "Pumpkin" who developed lung cancer. I forget the veterinary costs but they were considerable and then I decided I did not want to prolong the illness's effects on her...I had told my vet to put her down the moment it seemed she was showing signs of "drowning slowly" because of fluid build up in the lungs. The insurance covered all those expenses too. Pumpkin did live several years after diagnosis, and I remember seeing her leap up high in mid air to chase a butterfly just after I had told my guests that my cat is diagnosed with lung cancer. We all laughed because there was so much life in her still.
Thinking about all the great memories I have with "Pumkin" reminded me of Hallowe'en. I have begun the practice of keeping my recent 2 cats in for both the night before and the night of Hallowe'en. I had read somewhere in a newspaper that there a some very sadistic members of society that would think nothing or hurting, maming or even practicing rituals on cats.

For this reason, I have become very protective and set up a "sanctuary" in my home and choose one room for this. I have a litter box, food, water and a closed door with ventilation in the room. This way I don't have to worry the cats will get outsid

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Posted: 02/18/2011

This isn't a review. It's a story of talking about a cat and Halloween. Not helpful for review readers.

Posted: 05/16/2011

What on earth does this have to do with the insurance company?

Posted: 11/23/2011

Erin and Art!This poor person was explaining why she had peace of mind.I found her story to be very well done. Since when is there reason for critisizing? I thought that this board was to express personla experiences about PETSECURE. This includes a clients feaars and reason for using PETSECURE.
Geez, some people are very rude....I would like to see and critique your entry...
Paatricia...Thanks for sharing this.So many people enjoyed it and could relate.Keep on sharing your feelings.I will read your work anytime:)