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I have been with VPI for 7 years. Bought it for my second dog when my first (not insured at the time) cost a bundle for various cancer surgeries. We only had one claim for the second over 10 years, but I went ahead and insured our third 5 years ago -- lucky thing. She developed Addison's at 2 and has cost quite a bit in illness before diagnosis, and then her monthly meds since. If all dogs were like here, VPI would lose money. Meanwhle, the second dog had a torsion this summer and suddenly cost $1500, which VPI paid 2/3 of, and that made at least a year or two on insurance worthwhile. Here is the thing, insurance is Las Vegas -- feeling lucky? Don't bother, pay it all yourself, but be sure you are willing to, or to put the pet you love down when you can not. Right now, the Addison's dog costs >$1000/year in meds, and VPI pays enough of it to make the yearly fee covered by it, that and her other occasional visits for other problems. Am I making money on the deal? Of course not, but at least much of the expense is defrayed, and the insurance is more than paid for on her. It is all an odd concept. HOw can they make money doing this if everyone has big claims? And yes, I do not understand their claims returns either, and at one point they just stopped repaying on the Addison's dog, so I complained, and then it came back, and later I got a random check after some kind of external audit.

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