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We hadn't been insured with Embrace but for a couple of Months when my little buddy (Buster) hurt his right elbow. I was contacted before this by Embrace, asking why I did not have the orthopedic waiver done. We barely had enough money to buy the policy, let alone take him in for an exam. Well, a week later, he came down with a stinkin ear infection. My vet did the ortho exam at the same time for no charge. Of course his elbow injury was going to be excluded for a period, but I cannot remember how long. That was understandable, though now I had wished we had done it to begin with.
About two weeks later, Buster woke me at 3am and just looked at me. A few minutes later he was in a full blown seizure. We rushed him to a local emergency vets office. At 8am, my buddy passed away. He was not even three yet. I was devistated. The only thing the doctors could figure was that he had an aneurism or some other issue in the brain. All of the other tests we did were negative.
I waited a few weeks before finally submitting all of the paperwork, for the ear and seizure. I had an approval in less than 24 hours and a check in hand within a week. When they found out about Busters passing, they had refunded the balance of my premium within a couple of days, without a word.
I made sure I had ALL of the required documentation prior to faxing it in, so i am sure that had something to do with their quick response.
This is my experience and I will definately use them again. I appreciated the

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Ear Problem

Brain Issue
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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