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I'm going to take part of the responsibility here in that we were naive to the number of pet insurance companies out there and just went with ASCPA because of who they were affiliated with. Big mistake. We signed up for our insurance in June. We went with the second highest coverage (Premier) for our lab mix. New Years Eve he slipped in the yard, tore his ACL and needed surgery. We knew we were going to have to eat part of the cost, but were thankful we were going to get at least part of it back. We went ahead with the surgery and submitted our claim. Whoops! ACL surgery is not covered for the first 12 months...and since you renew every year, you have to basically pony up for an entire year before they will cover something major. Many of the other pet insurance companies begin ACL coverage after just six months, which we would have been well inside of with another outfit. This is also much more expensive than other companies I have since compared it with. I plan to cancel my coverage at the end of the month after I've had his check-up and teeth cleaned...which they are supposed to pay for, so my $500 worth of premiums won't be completely wasted.

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