I am so grateful to ASPCA

Out of 10

I wrote a huge glowing review, many paragraphs, and personal details that I wanted to share , but just as I was posting my battery ran out. So I dont know if my review got accepted or not. I'm not going to rewrite it, but I will encapsulate my points.
ASPCA met their agreements I contracted with them.
ASPCA has a very user friendly website that even I, a not tech savvy person,Could easily use to file my claim.
ASPCA processed my claim and approved my claim in exactly 30 days, and two days later the money was direct deposited in my bank account.
I actually feel that when I contacted ASPCA that they care about me and my sick dog. I feel you can trust this company to cover their agreements with you. I have recommended them to two other pet owners I know personally.
I did my homework and research before choosing ASPCA. I believe I chose wisely, and so far nothing has changed my mind.

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Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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