They will find any loophole possible not to pay, avoid at all costs!

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This company is a total scam, I have no idea how they could possibly have good reviews. We picked up a 8 month old French Bulldog and bought insurance for him on day 1. We had him for about 10 days before we noticed he had a vomitting issue. We took him to the vet for his initial assessment, gave him his yearly meds/shots/boosters etc. Mentioned to the Dr about the vommitting and so we started doing some followup appointments, doing some tests to try to see what was up with Spencer. We racked up about $1500 in bills trying to see what happened, no diagnosis has been given, he has some kind of esophagus issue but further tests were needed. Unforunately, Covid19 happened and so everything got put on hold. I wasn't worried, I pay a lot of money for my insurance so I put through all the bills as instructed only to find out that my entire claim was denied. They didn't pay for a single $1. They claimed that it was a pre-existing condition because we mentioned that when we got him he was vomitting so for the rest of his life, nothing to do with this issue will be covered. Not only that, because they claim this, we can't go to any other insurance company because it will count as a pre-existing diagnosis even though hes NEVER BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH ANYTHING AS OF TODAY! The vet was furious as much as we are, this company ONLY CARES ABOUT $$. Don't be fooled, theres way better alternatives out there!

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Posted: 07/23/2020
By: Raj Doobay

Thanks, we were about to purchase insurance for our two cats. I am surprised that COSTCO would associate themselves with such a scummy company.