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Our dog, Lucky, required abdominal surgery for a blockage. Lucky was a rescue we got when he was 6 months old. Having had a German Shepherd that cost us several thousand dollars, I decided to get insurance right from the beginning with this dog. Thank heavens I did! I checked around and VPI had the best reputation of all the companies I checked. So we had a superior plan policy on Lucky. The vet bill for his surgery visit was $2300. Our vet submitted our claim to VPI. I figured that they'd reimburse us, maybe, $400-$500. Three weeks after the claim was submitted, we got a check from VPI for $1728!! There was no problems, questions, or hesitation about their paying the claim. Needless to say, as long as I have a dog, VPI has a loyal customer. I urge everyone who loves a dog, to insure it's health with VPI. My husband and I are sure glad that I did! Initially, he didn't want to spend the money to renew the policy...boy is he ever glad I won that discussion!!

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