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I had the Ultra Plan which provides the most coverage. My 8 year old Golden started throwing up due to a colitis which was treated successfully by the vet (Claim 1). He was also in pain and couldn't lie down. An XRay doesn't really show much more than shadows, and as the pain seemed worse he went to the Emergency Hospital for an MRI (Claim 2). It turned out to be a tumour which had already broken his spine so I didn't continue with biopsies and my boy was euthanized. I now have my cheques.
1) Find out if the deductible changes over time or circumstance. If so, do they send a notification. My results: PC Financial increased the deductible from $200 to $400 when he turned 8. Customer service told me it also increases at age 10 to $500.

2) Find out if certain coverages stop. My results: Once he attained age 8 they will not cover euthanasia, although I pointed out it was directly related to the cancer.

3) Check the way they calculate the claim amount. My results: When they calculated the payment, I thought they would apply the one-time annual deductible first and then my co-pay would be on any remaining amount. Not so. First they applied the co-pay (80% since this was my first time submitting a claim) and then they deducted the $400 after that, so my cheque was $80 less. Not huge, but with the higher deductible it starts to add up.

4) Check to see if their limits are up to date. My Result: They covered $100 of the cremation. It cost more so I had

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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