We LOVE Petplan!!!!

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Wow, what can I say - Petplan is the BEST!!!! A year ago I adopted a skinny little 10 month old white shepherd from the animal shelter - she can home and settled right in. She gained a ton of weight going from 48 lbs to 75lbs and was super active. We started training and nose work classes. Everything was going great.
I luckily decided I needed pet insurance after hearing about a friends cat's high vet bills. I did my research and picked petplan because it was the best deal.

I had no idea but white shepherds have all kinds of issues and most are hereditary and have to do with joints. Just after the 6 month mark of having my dog she started to not want to jump up and her hips made odd clicking noises when she sat. I was so worried!!!

After some very expensive vet visits and medications she is feeling good as new again! We had a great experience with our vets and petplan. It was so easy, filled out the claim form, faxed it in, a week later (not kidding! It was super fast) a check came.

I cannot even express to you how much we now love petplan. We will be customers for life! Thank you pet plan!

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hip dysplasia
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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