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I paid premiums averaging $35 a month for my cat for four years without making a claim. He was injured recently, so I had to take him to the ER for treatment. The bill was close to $500. I submitted a claim, including the bill, doctor's notes, and his entire medical history. It took several days to process, and they only agreed to reimburse me for $32. I understood that the insurance only covered 80%, and that there was a deductible, but they also deducted the cost of the office visit as a regular checkup. A week or so later I got a check for $110, with an itemized list, that indicated the were now willing to reimburse me for part of the office visit. I deposited the check, and then I got an email the next day telling me that they had made a mistake and that I should not deposit the check. I responded that I had already deposited it. This morning I checked my bank balance and discovered that they had taken out the $110 and that I had been charged a $7.50 fee for a mistaken deposit. The premiums had been set to go up to $54 a month, so I had cancelled after finding how bad the coverage was. After being charged by my bank for their own mistake, I decided to let other people know not to buy this insurance to begin with. It is useless. Just save the premiums for a rainy day and you will come out ahead.

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Posted: 07/23/2020


We're sorry that your kitty wasn't feeling well. We do our best to be transparent throughout our website, during the enrollment process and in the policy documents available to each client in their online Healthy Paws account regarding the limited exclusions of our policy. Those exclusions are pre-existing conditions, preventative/routine care and the office visit fee (veterinary exam fee). Anyone visiting our website can see this information on our “Benefits, Coverage and Exclusions” page. By making the office visit fee (vet exam, emergency exam, recheck or consultation) part of the pet parent's financial responsibility, it allows us to offer a complete accident and illness plan at an affordable monthly premium. Our policyholders value comprehensive accident/illness coverage and unlimited benefits at reasonable rates, which is why they choose to assume the responsibility of paying for those costs.

We would like to apologize for the frustrating experience you've had with our service in regards to the mix up with your reimbursement. That is certainly not reflective of the standards to which we hold ourselves or the experience we strive to provide for our pet parents. One of customer care team members has reached out to you via email with details on how we can help with reimbursing those bank fees. We're sorry to lose you as a policyholder and hope you and your kitty stay well.

The Healthy Paws Team

Posted: 08/02/2020
By: Jayme

I just had the same thing happen. I received a check and deposited it. No notice, call or email from Healthy Paws, I received notification from my bank with a $12 stop payment charge (Healthy Paw’s) and the money taken from my account