They were Great - until they changed underwriters.

Out of 10

I loved Pet's Best. I signed up for it within a day of it becoming available in my state! I recommended it to family, friends, strangers - anyone with a dog that would listen! They paid every claim submitted in a timely manner - and with absolutely no problems.
And now they've changed underwriters - and no longer are keeping one of their promises. They HAD a wonderful program where you could pay an extra $12 a year and have your dogs premiums stay the same until their 8th birthday. When I saw this I thought "WOW - you'd be crazy NOT to do that". I used that as a selling point to have a good friend get the policy even though money was tight at their house.

I read the agreement carefully and looked for any loop holes - but when I read the part of the contract that said

'Discontinuation of Fixed Premium Program: the company may, at any time in its discretion, discontinue offering the Fixed Premium option to new insured. The company, however, will continue to honor and provide the Fixed Premium optional coverage for any existing insured who has purchased the option prior to termination of the program,
subject to the terms and conditions of this policy.'

I figured - GREAT! I'm in the program - I'll just have the yearly fees automatically be deducted - and even if they discontinue the program I'll still be fine - it says right there that they will continue to honor the fixed premium.

Well - my policy auto renewed 2 weeks ago - and when it did I was told that the underwriter changed to Aetna and they were discontinuing the fixed premium program. I thought to myself 'that's fine - my original policy states they'll honor the program even if discontinued'. Well - apparently not. Apparently their policies and honor mean nothing. Since Aetna doesn't want to continue with the program - they will discontinue it for everyone - no matter what the original policy states. And it's not even a tiny raise in price - for me it's an increase of $150 a year for the premium and an additional $25 per visit for the deductible.

Now, unfortunately I can't sing their praises everywhere I go - since I have no way of knowing what they will decide to change next - and can't trust that they will hold true to our original agreement.

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Posted: 04/27/2010

Agree, agree, agree!! Same experience for me. I am especially mad over the more than 30 % raise in monthly premiums - my husband is livid about the fixed premium having gone away and says that they are dishonorable liars. I guess their little way out of the fixed premium lock was the fact that policy renewal occurs every year - so existing policy holders are only existing policy holders for a max. of 12 months. I hope there will be a backlash against Pet's Best. We also recommended them to everyone. Well - no more.

Posted: 09/30/2009

I know what your talking about. had the policy for a year and never told me that when they renewed my policy that it would jump form 52.00 a month to 72.00. I think that was quite sneaky since I onl used the policy once. I had 7,000.00 in not covered bills. Love that pet insurance saves lives nope visa and mastercard does.

Posted: 11/09/2010

I am in the same boat -- had the "fixed rate option", paid extra for it because I wanted the peace of mind in knowing my rate wouldn't go up as my cat ages. Got my latest annual premium, went up 24% and they said no more fixed rate option. How nice -- now if I try to switch insurers, I'm going to have pre-existing conditions that will not be covered because of the 3+ years I stuck with Pets Best. They make it sound like it's out of their hands, but the truth is, the company picks the underwriter, the underwriter doesn't pick the company. Pets Best could have honored their commitment to existing customers that had the fixed rate option -- it probably would have cost them more -- instead, they decided to go with Aetna and screw the people who had the fixed rate option. And then to add insult to injury, raise my premium 24%. Well it may be legal for them to change underwriters and rewrite their policy, but it is just plain poor business ethics and I plan on filing a complaint with my state department of insurance, the Better Business Bureau, and I will also take advantage of any social media available to me to get the word out to other people who may be potential Pets Best customers. There are other companies out there that are WAY better, cheaper and pay at 90% instead of 80% with NO LIMITS (Trupanion). In the long run, Pets Best may very well find it cost them more than it saved them to dishonor their commitment to existing fixed rate option policyholders.