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I have had other insurances for my pets and for the value and coverage it's amazing. Just like a person there's a deductible but after that everything is pretty much covered. I am very happy with the coverage and always amazed at how quickly you get reimbursed.

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Posted: 12/05/2009

I was wondering if you are happy with the coverage and you find the plan so amazing, why did you only rate them 8 out of 10? Were there some aspect of the plan you were not satisfied with,if so, what were they. I just got a Yorkie pup a week ago and I just love this little fellow so much and I want to be sure I get the best insurance coverage for him. I've read several of the posts and for the most part, Embrace have received 9 & 10 ratings, although an 8 may be considered a good rating by some, I wonder why you did not rate them higher. Thank you for your consideration of my question.