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I don't think you can beat trupanions turn around time on claims. The really do pay you back really fast. When there is any problem with a claim they are eager to sort the problems out.
To date I have only had one issue with them. My pet had diahrrhea once when he was a pup before I had insurance. My dog is now 7 months old. Recently he has been diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. The Vet prescribed him Rimadyl which has a know side effect of causing diahrrhea and potential death. Trupanion deemed this a pre-existing condition even though my vet specifically wrote them a letter stating his diarrhea was caused from the rimadyl and he had no diahrrea before his treatment. So while they are good at paying expect them to act like any other insurance company and look for ways not to pay.

They also wont pay for things such as adequan injections it's deemed a supplement and not covered.

My best review will be comming soon. My dog has gone to see a specialist for his elbow dysplasia and the estimated bill is $2.7k-3.3k.

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elbow dysplasia
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 11/06/2010

I am the original poster of this review. I don't know if the review on this site changed things or if they just have bad communication or I just jumped the gun. But my claim was eventually paid for the diarrhea caused from the rimadyl.
I recieved a letter probably a week after my vet wrote a letter stating the diarrhea was caused from the rimadyl that after review my claim was denied.

Trupanion was completely helpful during the entire process and I wasn't that upset but thought people should know so I wrote my review. So I thought it equally important to follow up and state my claim was paid. My dog recently had his surgery for his elbow dysplasia and I will be sure to write another review once that is paid. I really hope this insurance company is around for a long time. They are nothing like any insurance company I have dealt with before.