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Our cat Rembrandt became very ill out of the blue. 3 days of throwing up and lethargy, and we took him to the vet. Shadows on x-rays, pain at a touch, anorexia, dehydrated, bunched intestine, blockage. All of these words were thrown at us, and we were told to rush him to the emergency clinic for an ultrasound. We were terrified. After hours of waiting for results, we were hit with Pancreatitis. We didn’t even know cats could get pancreatitis. Days upon days of hospitalization, and pain medications began to wear on our finances. We talked with family and friends, getting the monetary support up front in case we needed help. After all was done, our credit card was near it’s max and we were trying to find ways to pay for food and bills. But nothing mattered to us more than Rembrandt, nothing. The day we picked him up, the vet assistants took care of our paperwork, as they had worked with Pet Plan before. Not only did they help us, they took care of everything and told us Pet Plan would take care of us as well. Not to worry about money, but about our little boy. The confidence they had in Pet Plan, gave us the reassurance we needed. And sure enough, Pet Plan took care of us. No hassles, just support.
I will never ever be able to thank Pet Plan and the wonderful people that make up the Pet Plan family enough. Ever. I could not have gotten through Rembrandt’s second bout of pancreatitis just 2 months later without knowing I had Pet Plan and their wonderful peopl

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