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we found out our dog had a luxating patella on an annual check-up. He is two years old. There was no sign of this on any prior visits. Our vet told us that it occurred from trauma. We sent in the claim with every record required. They automatically ruled it as congenital. We ended up speaking with a rep. from pets best several times to better understand how it could be congenital when it the vet clearly ruled it as happening from trauma, as well as his records showing no sign of it prior to that date. This took forever. They wanted more and more information- we even had the vet right to them. We decided to appeal the decision as recommended by a rep. from pets best. We had to get x-rays of both legs for them which is very costly! They promised us that we would find out their decision by a certain date. However, a week after said date we still did not here anything. So we began having to consistently call them again. This has been going on since June. We just received the verdict and they denied it again stating that it is congenital. They proceeded to tell us that we should process a claim after has had the surgery and we have paid for it! Unbelieveable!Not only this incident but every time I send a claim in for any shots, check-ups, etc. they will not compensate us. Basically we pay every month for nothing.
When we joined we recruited many of our friends with pets to do the same. Since this has all happened, they have cancelled their policies and we will do the same. Our vet has also told us that he also hears very negative comments about pets best from clients.

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