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I would absolutely recommend VPI to anyone with pets. Sprout, 2 yr. old kitten, is my first experience with pet insurance after a life time of pet ownership. VPI has twice in two years promptly and generously processed my claims. The first claim involved Sprout spending the night at pet emergency after eating one of the Akita's beef flavored chew-able Rimadyl tablets. The total bill for one night was over $600, and VPI sent me a check for almost $400. Just this past December, Sprout broke is hip, probably jumping off the kitchen table, and our only option was surgery. The total bill was $1350 and VPI reimbursed almost $1100. Last week we found a purrball at the SPCA to keep Sprout company, and I didn't hesitate to contact VPI to insure her too. The folks are always friendly and knowledgeable. I encourage anyone with pets to do the research and pick the best policy for you and your pet.

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