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I originally purchased a VPI insurance plan for my accident-prone dog in the early 80's and stayed with VPI through 2 dogs, for 22 years. The benefit schedule drove me nuts. It seemed as if every claim paid was too low, and figuring out that schedule . . . forget it! To VPI's credit, when I questioned a claim, wrote a letter, and sent in documentation from our vet, I was usually sent additional funds. But I didn't want to hassle with it anymore, so in 2008, I switched to Petsbest with my new puppy. It was about the same cost, and it seemed easier because they paid 80% of whatever the bill was after the deductible. I am now back with VPI after only two years. With only a small claim for the puppy in 2008, and no claims for the rest of the year and all of 2009, Petsbest raised the premium 30%. That, with a raise in the deductible, and the fact that a deductible is charged for each claim during the year, made Petsbest's plan less economical than VPI's. VPI's premium (major medical/$100 ded) is much lower, and with only one deductible per year, it more than makes up for dealing with the benefits schedule, which has been updated to reflect higher vet costs and new technology. I also checked out Purina's plan and GoPet, which were more expensive or less economical in the long run when weighing all factors -- considering plan dollar limits per year, deductibles per incident, etc.

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