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I bought a 3 month old, 1 lb mini yorkie (Daisy) as my son's 4th birthday present. Since my little one is very active, I looked into getting a pet insurance for Daisy, just in case... Recommended by our vet, we went with VPI. Year and a half later, Daisy now full grown and weighing 4 lbs, never had to use the insurance; however, one day family friend was visiting and accidentally stepped on Daisy and fractured her hip bone. Since Daisy's bone is more fragile than chicken bone (quote from our vet), she had to get 2 surgeries - they had to put a pin & plate in her bone. Surgery costed us over $2K! Once we submited our claim, VPI processed our claim within one week and by the 2nd weeks, I had a check in my hand that covered almost 80% of the expense. Now, Daisy's bones are healed 100% so we are very happy. We were very pleased with the service we received from VPI and the reimbursement we received. Processing time was surprisingly fast once the claim was received and the ability to check the status of the claim via VPI website was great. My husband who thought it was a waste of money when I first got VPI is now very happy that we had enrolled Daisy in this. We've been recommending VPI to all of our friends & family.

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