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Petsecure was not my insurance company at the time my dog, Impulse, had a run-in with a stray and she tore her cruciate ligament, resulting in a major vet bill of close to $3000.
My pet health insurance company at the time was Pet Care (I mention their name because I believe it is important for anyone thinking of getting pet health insurance coverage for their pet to know the truth about how they handled our situation). I had been with them about 9 years, and had made only three claims throughout Impulse's life, all small claims totally only about $500 over her lifetime. They refused to pay out my claim for surgery because they said "Impulse was not hit by a car therefore she wouldn't be covered." They did so even after I asked them to reconsider and to review her lengthy client status with few claims. And they informed me by leaving a voicemail and also made sure to include instructions on how I could cancel my policy. After 9 years of being a loyal client they refused coverage via voicemail and left me cancellation instructions too. They didn't care about my dog, the financial position this put me in, or about whether I was their client or someone else's.

The previous year we had been through a hydro vault explosion at our apartment building where we evacuated with our dogs and basically our wallets and the clothes we were wearing - and we weren't allowed back in for almost two months. For almost a year we fought almost daily with our human insurance company to have our possessions replaced due to soot damage. Our human insurance company (The Personal) made our ordeal a nightmare long after the actual emergency was over, and certainly lived up to the stereotype of not caring and weaseling out of paying claims out.

We certainly didn't expect the same frustration and stress from our pet insurance company and were shocked when they refused Impulse her surgery coverage.

However, a close friend, who was a very satisfied Petsecure client, wrote to Petsecure and told them about Impulse's situation, my community volunteer work and recent dealings with human insurance. They asked Petsecure to help Impulse (in whatever way they could) to get her surgery. We received an email just before Christmas 2009 saying "Christmas was coming early for Impulse and that Petsecure would be happy to cover Impulse's surgery." Talk about shocking news and a great Christmas gift. The most shocking part was that were WEREN'T EVEN A Petsecure CLIENT and had never paid out a penny in premiums to them! They didn't know us from Adam. Their actions and agreeing to help us is virtually unheard of in the insurance world, human or four-legged!

Petsecure stepped up when my own insurance company simply discarded us as a client after 9 years. Pet Care didn't care about us one bit. But Petsecure did and they made sure we were all taken care of. We didn't even have to see the surgery invoice. They made arrangements directly with my vet to pay the bill in full. What a gift they gave us. Months later, Impulse is back on her feet almost as good as new and I am still shocked and grateful for Petsecure's generosity and continue to look for ways to pay it forward. This comment is one of those ways. Letting you know about the kindness and integrity of Petsecure.

Needless to say, I took my old insurance company's voicemail instructions for canceling my policy and followed them to the letter. I then immediately began the process of getting coverage for Impulse with Petsecure.

Impulse now has a policy all her own with Petsecure. She will be covered for $2500 per incident or illness per year, and her humans will have some peace of mind. Of course, her pre-existing heart murmur (or conditions resulting because of it) will not be covered, but that was expected.

What happened to us doesn't happen everyday - but unexpected things always do, and for when they do happen to your four-legged family member it can be devastating emotionally and financially - pet health insurance helps relieve the burden and provides financially security. For that security, I choose Petsecure.

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