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I recently had to have a cyst removed from my dog's upper eyelid. The cyst was not a pre-existing condition, but VPI was sure attempting to get me and the vet to indicate it was since I had only had the insurance a month and then sought treatment. They required the vet to fax them ALL my dog's medical records and then after they received them, sent hikm a questionnaire to fill out, thus delaying the processing time another 30 days. Finally, after taking to months to process my claim, they paid me $70 for a $300 claim. Their reimbursement levels are very low. When I called to cancel the policy, the rep asked me why I was canceling, and I replied, "I pay $300 and you only reimburse me $70 and then take two months to do that." He then tried to sell me a more-expensive policy that he said would cover more. I simply told, "Too late. I don't want it. Cancel it." I'm not impressed with this company at all and will opt to just attempt to place money in savings for any unexpected vet bills. I'd suggest you do the same.

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