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I have Pets Best Insuance and got it because there are not many companies that would insure an older cat ( one over 8 years). Fortunately I had bought the insurance in time not for my older cat but my younger one ( under 8 years) She soon after was diagnosed with renal failure and we had to put her to sleep. Because we had the insuance I felt that our decisions were based on what was best for our cat, Tootsie, and not based on finances. Pets best was very quick and efficient on paying 80% of the vet bill and emergency care facility bill. We were very happy with that aspect. I however am NOT too happy reading that Pets best can cancel your policy if they feel you are too much of a risk and therefor if your pet should come down with say cancer or another chronic disease then Pets Best can cancel your policy. And if they did something like that it would leave you STUCK as no other Pet insurance company would take you as you would then have pre-existing conditions. We recently got a puppy and I further researched other companies. I signed my new puppy up with PETPLAN. They gaurantee you renewal each year for the LIFE of your pet and have higher limits ( $8,000/$12,000/ $20,000)and each year the amount resets so you do not have any LIFETIME limits. This is important if your pet comes down with a chronic medical condition. I would suggest everyone reading this to look into PETPLAN for these reasons alone. I know, I spent days researching and reading the various pet insurance policies. Also PETPLAN covers heretity and genetic problems. I am VERY HAPPY WITH PETPLAN and plan to insure my new kitten with them as well.

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