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I am an old time bird hunter and trainer of working field dogs. There is always that chance that you luck out and become the owner of an exceptional field dog - one with heart and passion for his work beyond all that have come before in your life. I have that dog - Cosmo, an Epagneul Breton - also a very good friend! I never had considered pet insurance, because for one, I did not really know it existed. As my belief in this dog increased I realized that I would want puppies out of him. So I thought - why not insurance in case something happened to him. Cosmo is now 5 and 1/2 and has developed a problem with his gait and stamina. The University of Missouri Vet School and Clinics have been working with Cosmo to get a complete history and diagnosis.
I chose PetPlan because of the research I did and can say that PetPlan Insurance has been there to help with the finacial commitment that it has taken to diagnose Cosmo. The folks at PetPlan could not have been any better. Timely, informative, friendly and helpful folks - not much missing here. All I can say is BUY THIS INSURANCE...IT'S THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE IT WORK!

I now carry PetPlan on all my dogs.

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Posted: 07/19/2009

Do they cover if u shoot your dog accidentally? What about if you can't get puppies "out of him", some doggie Viagra?
My point, why you have reverence for the life of your dog, as a "friend". You also see him as an "asset to protect" as a " working dog" and care what u can get out if him: like a friend one hires as "help". I'd hope after 5 years you develops a loving connection for this companion that also guards your life, if your really out in what's left of "wilderness".

My question is how you can care for one animals life and see such another gorgeous sentient creature (these birds) who like us are born, eat, sleep, work, mate, breed, and die. The diference with humans is that you need not kill animals to survive or worse to mount as morbid trophies on your wall!

You didn't know pet insurance existed, I didn't know barbaric cavemen were still out there. Think twice about it. I use/eat no animals for their flesh, no poultry or fish for they're flesh, I've had turkeys rescued prior to thanksgiving frostbitten that made sweet pets, and would come from their habitat to the desk where I worked, and nestle their heads under my hand to be pet: make connection in their own ways. I don't use their eggs or their skin either!

Please think about it. I end up paying the bills for birds injured by hunters. They unfortunately aren't insured!

Voice for the Animals. Angie