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I paid Embrace in excess of $80 a month for my two very young cats, the first for just about a year and the second for about six months when I made my first claim.
I'd taken my just over a year-old female cat to the vet because she had diarrhea. Embrace called the condition pre-existing because 11 months earlier, when I originally brought her home from Petco, I must have told the vet that saw my cat for a check-up a day after I got her, that she had slightly loose stools...not diarrhea. In any event, at that time, I'm sure it was from either fear of being in a new home or a change in her diet from what she was used to. At that time no vet was seen for any specific problem, only to have her checked out since I'd just gotten her.

The call of a pre-existing condition was ludicrous. Once Embrace can call a diarrhea pre-existing, anything that remotely has that symptom can be denied by them...anything! It was a tricky and unethical loophole that they were creating to protect themself. Fortunately, I was only out (ahem) about $800 in wasted insurance preumiums, but you can be sure that I canceled my policy the very next day.

If you're getting insurance for peace of mind, before you choose Embrace, please consider what I've said.

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Posted: 04/07/2010

This is what I'm hearing about some policies. Insurance companies are claiming pre-exsiting conditions on many many claims

Posted: 06/21/2011

this is very consistent with my experience with embrace!

Posted: 03/27/2016

If you worked up the loose stools from the first visit, and the diarrhea in the second visit, you should be able to show that the diagnosis was different (enteritits - issues with the intestines is a symptom, you have to do the work ups to find the diagnosis)