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I have had pets health life and Accident Insurance on my beagles and cavalier King charles spaniels for the past ten years ,I would never go without it ,I have had several happenings over the year, as I have 6 dogs ,My one beagle was diagnosed with the walls of her gall bladder bursting ,this was not a cheap surgery but with my insurance I recieved back 1500.00 of the 3,000.00 the specialist had charged me .
Another occurence was my other beagle who was feeling sick ,so he had no grass to eat as that is what dogs seem to want to do when they feel nauseated , to throw up ,so he chewed on the towel in his crate and ate several pieces ,well the next day I was at the emergency room with him for a blockage of his intestines ,again I saved at least half of the cost with the pets health insurance ,I pay about 89.00 a month for 5 dogs which is cents compared to what I would have to pay, god forbid something happens to my little companions .

They are my life, my best friends, and my family and I do for them what I would do for my human family ,as they bring me so much love and ask nothing in return except to be fed and loved ,I would have it no other way thankyou pets health for being there for my furbabies
shirley Irwin Meadowland Beagles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

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