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A couple of years ago my husband came home and told me about a co-workers dog being sick and how his co-worker had pet insurance with the ASPCA and raved about his coverage. He suggested that we too get pet insurance. Well, I cannot tell you how valuable that insurance turned out to be. My dog Hercules was 7 and perfectly healthy when we purchased the insurance policy. Two years later in the blink of an eye the health of my dog changed and the one thing I didn’t have to worry about was how to pay for his healthcare. I left for work one day and Hercules, my beautiful Jack Russell Terrier, was fine and when I came back he was limping. I thought for sure he had fallen while we were away but after a couple of months and lots of tests he was getting more and more sick. I was worried that we would not be covered but was told it was a “working diagnosis”. Finally, it seemed they had concluded he had some kind of tick-borne illness. He was treated and was still recuperating and starting to feel better, when all of a sudden he began shaking uncontrollably. I was not sure if this was related to his the first illness of if he had something new. I took him back to his vet who suggested that he be seen by a neurologist as his shaking seemed involuntary. I was worried thinking I must have exhausted my coverage but knew I had to take him to the vet to be seen. The neurologist told me he needed to perform a spinal tap to know what was going on with him and although it was an expensive procedure I knew this was what we needed to bring some resolution to what was happening. When all was said and done they found out he had something called idiopathic tremor syndrome which is treatable with steroids. I had paid for this procedure and the visit to the specialist on a credit card I opened at the vets office but surprisingly I found out I had not exhausted my coverage and that I was being reimbursed for this procedure! With the help of the ASPCA Pet Insurance I was able to get the care that Hercules needed and never have to think twice about it. I don’t even want to think about what would have happened had we not had insurance. After all that we went through I have convinced every member of my family to get pet health insurance through the ASPCA.
Hercules is doing well today, running and playing, and have a great time like all Jack Russells do! From the bottom of our hearts thank you for everything ASPCA Pet Insurance!!

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