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I am so happy with the service & fast turn around of claims that Pets Best has provided! When my oldest dog needed a splenectomy several weeks ago, I was so relieved that I had a Pets Best policy to reimburse the expense of his surgery. Boz's outcome may have not gone as well if I didn't have this policy to rely on. I faxed the claim on a Thursday evening and received my reimbursement check in the mail on the following Wednesday! I am a veterinary technician who works in the ER of a specialty hospital & I see so many pets that do not get the care that they need because their owners can't afford it. I highly recommend Pets Best to our clients & my coworkers every chance I get. Thank you!

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Posted: 11/15/2009

I took out a Pet's Best pollicy on my new Yorkie in 6/09. I am so pleased to read such good reviews on this pet insurance! I only recently read about this website in Cesar Millan's (Dog Whisperer) new book- How to Raise the Perfect Dog. Thank you all for taking time to write about your experiences with Pet's Best. I am now assured that I maade a good choice. fortunately I have not had a reason to use it in the time I've had it, but it's good to know my little Mickey will have the best care thanks to Pet's Best! Ichose Pets Basic Plan 100, the Best Wellness Plan with a maz of 2500 per incident and lifetime of $42,500. Does this seem to be underinsured for a pet? He'll be 2 in March '10. thanks!