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My 5 month old golden retriever, Johnson, had severe diarrhea so I took him to vet to be treated. He only required some antibiotics, however, I submitted my claim to Vetinsurance (my first claim by the way) on Sept 26/09 and as of Nov 5/09 they hadn't even reviewed/approved the claim. I called 3 times to check on the status of the claim and they kept telling me to wait 5 days and the claim should be adjudicated. All in all, I would not recommend them as they process claims extremely slowly and I don't even know whether my claim will be approved! For $60 per month on pet insurance I expect much better service.

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Posted: 02/24/2010

I agree with Nicole's comment. I have no idea why you would be waiting so long for a notification from vetinsurance. I claimed $472 today and recieved an email notification 7 hrs later informing me that my claim had been approved. On other occasions I have waited between a few days to a bit over a week ... nothing close to how long you have been waiting.

Posted: 03/11/2010

I'd beleive it. I tried to get preapproval for an operation on my dog for 5 weeks. I recieved 2 automated replies that due to the flu season and the large volume of claims it would take a few days. Well after numerous calls and people saying that it would be looked into...nothing. I ended up delaying her surgery 3k, because with out preapproval we could not afford the surgery. We reschedualed the surgery 2 weeks later. I began again calling anyone live in the company. Again, the line "I will look into it and some will be in touch. I called every day trying to get a straight answer. NO DICE. 2 days before second schedualed surgery,I talked to the manager who said "I will call back today for sure" Never called back. In the end they declined covaerage at 5pm the day before the surgery. I only got this answer after I called them at 4:45 and demanded an answer!!!I would NOT recommend this outfit. After I told them that they had not preformed the service and caused my family much grief, I demanded a refund of all fees. Visa was going to reverse the charges. They did give us back ONLY 3 months fees. NEVER again will we or our dog friends be associated with such an outfit. They could have told us this right away as all paperwork was made available to them over 5 weeks previous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 11/08/2009

As an employee of one of the top health insurance companies in Canada, I can tell you that the turn around time you're talking about isn't actually all that bad.

Posted: 11/20/2009

I find this absolutely impossible to believe as my claim was gigantic ($4000 +) and I recieved an e-mail notification within 24 hours stating that my claim had been approved. They have been nothing but fantastic with us.