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Our dog is our baby. She has had pet insurance since a pup and is 3.5 years old now. She was always healthy until an acute illness this year. We had switched to Embrace because our old insurance made unilateral decisions on what claim payouts should be based on (their own cost chart versus what the vet actually charges customers for services). This was frustrating and costly to us. Embrace covered 90% of the actual vet cost when they processed our claims. No hassels. And they cared enough to ask after our dog and the progress of how she was doing. Their professionalism and courteousness was refreshing.

In the end our dog's well being is all we care about and after many tests and a surgery she is now back to being healthy and playful. However, it's nice to know that Embrace gives great coverage and works with you from start to finish of the claim process and that.

My sole warning to new Embrace customers is that upon your first claim, Embrace will ask for the last 2 years of health history (veterinary medical records) of your pet to rule out pre-existing conditions. Something I feel should have been made clear up front when purchasing the policy. Because of this review process; your first claim will take a little longer to process than you might expect. The good news is that they stay in communication with you the entire duration of the process until claim payout is made.

You'll love Embrace. It's worth choosing them for your pet's insurance or switching over to them from your existing one.

Sasha L. (Massachusetts)

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