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I never had to use my pet insurance until my dog was ill last month. The bill came out to $200 and I was informed by a VPI rep that some of the procedures weren't covered. After my deductible, I got reimbursed for $15. VPI will try to reason why a certain procedure shouldn't cost this much and that. It is extremely horrible. They also make you pay a little bit more than your chosen monthly plan if you were to pay month-to-month, I chose to pay the whole amount upfront for a year. I do not mind paying $400 a year for my pet and I do not mind getting $15 reimbursed from the original bill of $200. But I do mind when they try to inform me that my vet is overcharging me and they weren't going to reimburse my claim because of it.

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Posted: 04/02/2010

VPI is criminal in their Benefit Pay out. I bought pet insurance just in case something major went wrong. I did not want financial considerations to be invovled in a major vet issue. I thought i was entilted to $60 on my $120 claim. But the "Soft Tisuse..." max pay out was $58. Well that would amount to what an exam cost, any treatment is going to be above that. So I was able to cancel, but many people are going to find out with major medical bills that they truely are only going to be covered for a fraction of their actual bill.