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I have had VPI coverage since adopting my first 2 kittens in 1987. Since then I have had a total of 8 cats covered, 3 at the present time. It's up to us to review the schedule of covered conditions and the reimbursement amounts. Over the years I have submitted many claims and was pleasantly impressed with some of the payments and not so impressed with others. I did have problems with the renewal billings and my suggestion was finally implemented. I had the double cancer endorsement on each cat and the premium for it was supposed to remain the same. They always charged the going rate for it and I always had to call for a breakdown of the total bill to verify the error and have it corrected. I pointed out to a supervisor that if all of the charges making up the total were listed on the bill, the phone calls wouldn't be needed if everything was correct from my standpoint. The bills now provide that information. One of my claims did involve using the double cancer endorsement and the claim response mentioned that and gave the additional amount that was paid because of having the endorsement. In phone conversations with VPI representatives, all individuals were very pleasant to talk to, took care of the issue at hand, and were obvious pet lovers. I would like to make a request to VPI concerning claims processing. Please itemize the claims response. Most claims have multiple charges in many categories. The responses list the total submitted and the total amounts

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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