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After it cost me over $1000.00 at the emergency vet the day I lost my Golden Retriever, I started looking at my CKCS thinking he was getting older and I could use pet insurance just for the emergency and major health concerns. After looking at several plans and ones that would reasonably insure a 10 year old dog, I chose ASPCA. I live in Maryland and there is a law in this state that says when an insurance plan goes into effect, it must be in effect that day. One of the Customer service rep's told me about this. Little did I know at that time how much I was going to need this. I was planning on getting a puppy from rescue so I took my 10 year old in for check up and titers on the 8/04, 4 days after the plan went into effect and the vet found nothing. Two weeks later when I was scheduled to bring my dog back in for vaccination, I found a large lump on the side of his throat, at first I thought the lymph node was enlarged and since he had a history of ear infections I thought he had another. I refused the vaccine at the vet's though, and insisted on seeing the vet to find out what this lump was. Turned out it was not his ears, but a growth in his throat which the vet said then needed to come out "yesterday". He had surgery the very next day and the news a few days later was that he has "tonsil squamous cell carcinoma". I immediately scheduled an appointment with an oncologist. As you can imagine the bills were mounting up fast here for my little guy. I called customer service and after they realized that I lived in Maryland and my dog would be covered they have been wonderful! I had only paid the first premium, and they are still paying 80/20 split ($100 deductible) for my dogs medical bills. You can't imagine how much of a help this has been for me and I had only started paying premiums! I don't know why this company does not have a higher rating here. Special thanks to all the customer reps who have helped me at ASPCA Pet Insurance, and have been so wonderful with my many phone calls to you with questions.

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