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I was a former subscriber to VPI and was concerned about changing even though I was displeased with VPI. I couldn't be happier with my change. The customer service is great and responsive and reimbursement has been easy and prompt. I have been impressed with their email notification. Prior with VPI I would have to have letters written from vets to have things covered and then would have to resubmit which was an effort to wear me down. This company works with the pet owner not against you. I would reccomend them without hesitation.

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Posted: 07/11/2008

ok. your secret is out. Pets Best is definitely writing these positive reviews. No-one signs their first and last name over the internet! But, keep up the good work!

Posted: 08/20/2008

Oh my gosh Lisa, who at Pets Best do you have a personal vendetta against? I can't believe how much hatred you have for this company! I'll bet YOU are the one who works for one of the competitors' companies and are mad that this company's reviews are so good. It's also very disturbing that you have so much free time on your hands to respond to over ten positive reviews. My name is Carol Cunningham and no, I don't work for this company!