Unbeliveable customer service....

Out of 10

As luck would have it my dog had to get eye surgery the first day he became eligible. I called Healthy Paws immediately and was welcomed by a very helpful person. I told her about the surgery and asked if I would be covered. She took my information down and returned my call in twenty minutes. From the information I gave her it looked as if I was going to be covered. By the way I received this customer support on a Saturday afternoon.
Now the bad news... After they reviewed my dogs records, we realized it was a preexisting condition. I was not aware that he had this condition in his eye. Although, I was disappointed, the information they had was correct. However, Healthy Paws did not just shuffle me away. They called me to find out if there was any more information that could help my case. They even called my vet to speak with them, looking for something that can help my case.

At the end I did not get paid on my claim. But, Health Paws tried everything they can do. They went the extra mile trying to help me and treated me with respect and honesty. In the world we live in today that was very comforting. It also took some of the sting out of not having my claim paid. I still receive emails and phone calls asking how my dog is doing. This is truly a great company that cares about you and your pet.

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Rat Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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