VPI not worth the money in my opinion

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My cat became ill shortly after I purchased insurance for her. It was a long, drawn out illness, but the bottom line is we carted her between the regular vet and the Emergency Clinic for about two weeks, and finally to an internal medicine specialist. It turns out she had Feline Leukemia Virus which wasn't being detected on the snap test they do at the regular vet's office. She recovered completely and now tests negative for Feline Leukemia Virus even with the special more sensitive test. The total bill came to about $3,000.00 by the end of it. I was reimbursed $700.00. And this was after much wrangling on my end and a lot of hoops they made me jump through. In my opinion, that's not worth the $31 a month I pay. So I am looking for a new company.

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