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Our Beagle was suffering from vomiting and stomach pain when we took him in to see his vet. After a general exam, the vet suggested that he stay overnight for multiple blood tests, an x-ray, IV fluids and observation. This was the first time our 2-year old Beagle was ever seriously sick and also the first time he spent the night away from home so as you can imagine we were very stressed out. As soon as I got home from the vets office, I called Healthy Paws since this was the first time I ever had to file an insurance claim. The lady I talked to expressed a true concern over our Beagles health and was able to answer all of my questions regarding the paperwork involved to file my claim and how to submit it, this really helped relieve some of our stress. Dash was released the next day, the vet believes he ate something bad that resulted in his high liver toxin levels. Our vet submitted the claim form along with his medical records and I received a confirmation email from Healthy Paws the next day that his claim had been received. Two days later we got the itemized claim receipt via email so we knew exactly what would be covered. There was no fine print or no hassle over his claim, everything that I expected to get reimbursed I got reimbursed for. I even got a follow-up email from a Healthy Paws representative yesterday just to check in to see how our Beagle was recovering. You truly could not ask for more when it comes to customer service, ease of filing a claim and sp

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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