If you feel your dog is family, PetPlan is a must!

Out of 10

When I signed up for Petplan, I never thought I'd be actually needing the coverage so soon since our dogs were just puppies. We have two border collie mix sisters we rescued from a shelter that we adore. Honey, the one that thinks she's a person, got sick out of the blue. She had been having loose bowel movements and one night left a puddle of blood in the kitchen. She was very sick for about a week, needed to go the doggy ER and spent several days at our vet. The conclusion was that it was most likely a virus of some sort, but we knew that we could do whatever was needed to get her well since we were covered with Petplan. I recommend it to all my friends who have pets.

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Over $1000

Border Collie

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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