Worst Experience of My Life!

Out of 10

At first the sales reps. seem so friendly, accommodating, and concerned. But as soon as you start questioning important issues they’re no where to be found. I got a policy for my cat from them and I discussed all my concerns over the phone with them for hours and believed that I had reached an agreement with them. Two weeks later when I finally got all the documents in the mail, the contract looked nothing like I had discussed with them before. Out of honesty I had told them that my cat had a urinary tract infection a while ago and I specifically asked if this is going to be treated as a pre-existing condition in which case there will be no coverage for urinary tract infection at any point during my cat’s life. The rep insured me that urinary tract infection is quite common among male cats and is not considered a pre existing condition. Then he explained to me that a pre-existing condition includes illnesses such as cancer or diabetes which are long term conditions that are not curable. Then I asked so if my cat gets sick with urinary tract infection a month from now will it be covered? And he assured me that it would. Once I got the contract, urinary tract infection was listed under a pre-existing condition which I had agreed to apparently. I called Petplan five times and no one even bothered to call me back. Finally when I called to cancel, the supervisor attempted to resolve the issue. I told him that my conversation with their rep was recorded and he can easily find the recording and see that what I had agreed to is not on the contract. He said that he had listened to the recording and I was right but the rep didn’t know all the details and he’s new and therefore it was just a mistake on his part. When I asked him to remove the pre existing condition he refused to do it and said call again in six months and if your can hadn’t had a urinary tract infection by then maybe we review your case again. Six months! So many things could happen in six months I said. He said there’s nothing else he could do. I warn you, if you want to get pet insurance DO NOT buy it from Petplan. What they’re doing is illegal. The contracts that they provide are false and unilateral. They said it takes twenty days before I can make any claims. Even though I cancelled before the twenty day trial they’re still going to charge me. They’re thieves who don’t run an honest business.

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