Best insurance of all.

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When I purchased my Ragdoll kitten in Sept. of 2009 I researched all the pet insurance plans. With PurinaCare you get the best deal for the lowest premium. I met my deductible and they started paying 80%. I had the policy with preventive care included so all the kitten shots and exams all counted towards the deductible. Then my kitten was sick with FIP. They paid all the claims 80% and the reimbursements were to me within 2 weeks. They paid for the euthanasia of my Sophi at 80% but they dont cover the disposal of the remains fee. But I was very pleased at the awesome customer service of these folks. When Sophi died they send a condolenses card signed by them to me. When my breeder gave me a replacement kitten I immediately put him on the purinacare kitten policy. You cant find a better policy for the price anywhere else. And these folks are the best in customer service. Im thinking of getting a puppy soon and again I researched and their policies are the best for the price. No question who my puppy will be insured with.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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