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I inherited Bailey, a 9 year old mini dachshund, when my mom died and the first thing I did was look into insurance for him. After comparing various providers, I found that Pets Best was the only one willing to insure a dog over 7 that had a history of seizures from over 5 years ago.
I took out the insurance for my piece of mind, but quickly found I needed it when Bailey went through a series of ailments and mishaps, including a broken toe! The real challenge came a couple months ago when he was diagnosed with kidney stones, hypercalcemia, and hyperparathyroidism. Over the last six weeks, he has undergone a series of treatments and surgeries to correct the situation and the vet bills were astronomical. After all the trips to the vet, he is now recovered from his ailments and was given a clean bill of health!

I am happy to report that within 24 hours of submitting my claim for reimbursement, I received an e-mail informing me the claim was approved and I would receive a check within 7-10 working days. I couldn't be happier with this company and highly recommend them to anyone who owns pets.

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