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I put in a claim form and had the wrong claim at the veterinary clinic. So, when I emailed Embrace. They sent me the correct form, but I have been tied up working. Therefore, as a complimentary to me they allowed my claim to go through today, which is within 2 weeks. And I have direct deposit so it will be in my account within 2 days. It was the standard orthopedic exam, vaccination shots, and wellness. A tip for owners-Always keep accurate notes on your animal, keep receipts, always ask questions, and keep your animal up to date with vaccinations. This company has assisted me when I put in my paperwork without having a chance to fill out my claim form. They expedited my claim at a very fast rate with direct deposit. I am very pleased with the customer service experience and recommend this company to any pet owner, which I have been doing so. Thank you so much Embrace!

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Vaccination/wellness/orthopedic claim
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Australian Shepherd

Age of Pet
Under a year

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