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When my beloved Golden Retriever came into my life 16 years ago I did not think about pet insurance. However, after losing Cali I said I would never have another dog again because I was emotionally and financially exhusted at the end of Cali's 14 year life. I spent thousands of dollars in the last year of Cali's life and said that I would not be able to do this in the future. I feel that pet healthcare is as important as any family members. I did not want to ever be in the position of not being able to care for a pet. Since I work in the healthcare industry and have a very good knowledge of insurance langauage when I lost Cali I vowed taht I would not have another pet without insurance. Along came the opportunity to have Cali's great newphew, a healthy active puppy. Remington is wonderful and so is pet plan. I research all the pet insurance companies before I got Remington and Pet Plan seemed to offer the best coverage. Pet Plan did not offer wellness coverage but their plan had the most important essenticals for illness and accidents. Remington was about 10 months old when he decided to "eat" his six foot leather leach. Pet Plan was wonderful they reimbursed the entire surgery and hospitalization. I was so grateful that Remington and I had insurance that worked for the clients. I have reccomened Pet Plan to many of my friend that have taken out policy and are equally as happy with the company and it's services. Pet Plan is the best value and insurance in the indus

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Disgested a leather lead
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Over $1000

Golden Retriever

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Under a year

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