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After researching pet insurance plans for quite some time, I decided to go with PetPlan and I am glad I did. PetPlan bases reimbursements on the actual vet bills, not against a schedule or what the company deems to be usual and customary charges. I have friends who have coverage through other providers and were happy until they actually filed claims (some rather large ones) and found that their reimbursement was a lot less than they were expecting. Unfortunately, our dog became very ill as a result of what was believed to be a vaccination reaction, he developed immune mediated thrombocytopenia and over time diabetes as a result of being on prednisone for a prolonged period. His care cost thousands over a short 6 month period, it seemed we were at the vets office every day for a while and also referred to specialists. Dealing with PetPlan during this difficult time could not have been easier. The claims process is easy, the reimbursement checks are processed quickly and the people are a pleasure to deal with. Unfortunately our dog passed away, but we knew in our hearts that we did everything we possible could to save him, PetPlan allowed us to not make money a factor in the decisions we made. I would recommend that anyone researching pet insurance strongly consider PetPlan. We have since welcomed a new dog into our lives and enrolled him with PetPlan the day he came home.

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