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My husband and I got our dog Mookiee PetPlan insurance about two years ago. Since getting the insurance we have had three instances come up where the insurance was nice to have. The first was when our vet found crystals in Mookiee’s urine. This sounds like a simple thing to fix, but it took months of changing Mookiee’s diet, various medications, and lots of urine tests before it was corrected. PetPlan reimbursed the costs without a question! The second instance was when one Sunday Mookiee got into some chicken bones and devoured them! There was nothing left but the Styrofoam cartons! We were in a panic; we were sure our beloved 2 year old Brussels Griffon was going to die. We immediately call the vet and get her in to get x-rays. Luckily she is a chewer and she crunched the bones into such tiny pieces that she didn’t have any issues at all! Having PetPlan insurance made us feel much more comfortable that we could get Mookiee the treatment she needed and we wouldn’t have to worry about the cost.About a year ago we noticed that Mookiee, who at the time was three years old, was having some trouble with her hind knees slipping out of place. It didn’t seem to bother her at first, so we didn’t think much about it. In November that changed. Our once happy, playful, and fairly active dog had become grumpy and inactive because her knees hurt her so badly. She didn’t want to play, chase her kitties, or take walks. Right after Christmas, her knees had gotten so bad she d

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surgery to correct bilateral luxating patellas
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Brussels Griffon

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