Go Pet Plan is good dog insurance....so far

Out of 10

September 2009 I submitted a claim for my 9 month old dog who was attacked by another dog. After submitting the claim it took them 2 wks. to add it to their system (a little slow if you ask me.) I had to call them and move it along. Their call system is decent. I had to call again and there was a delay but ultimately they paid the $550 bill. I only had a $50 deductible. I sent in another claim this month (April 10) for around $650 to have 2 of her teeth extracted because they were broken and starting to get infected. (They don't pay for regular dental care by the way.) This time around the claims process was very fast and within 3 wks. I received my check minus the $50 deductible. All in all they are a good pet insurance and pay quickly. Just remember to send all your claims using their claim forms. Make sure the Vet signs what she is supposed to and have her send ALL med notes for that claim with receipts and the Medical Release Form paperwork and you are good to go. All these forms are on their website under your account under CLAIM FORMS. (Do not neglect to file all the paperwork so there won't be any delays.) I recommend pet insurance to everyone. Our dog is only 1 yr. 4 months and she has already needed over $1000 worth of medical care. Pet Plan covered it all.

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dental tooth extraction
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 10/13/2016

Your review was very helpful. What specific plan do you have with Pet Plan?

Posted: 02/22/2012

I found they pay quickly on claims. I have two dogs on their policies with three years. One is always seeing a vet.

Posted: 03/01/2012

I picked up Care Credit to pay the vet and when I got my reimbursement, I applied it to my Care Credit account and paid it off. It's a line of credit for medical and veterinary costs.

Posted: 03/13/2012

ur dog is only 16 mos old and already needed two infected extractions? oh dear...

Posted: 12/14/2011

the claims are slow to pay back that worries me some times its hard to float 2000.00 or more

Posted: 01/20/2017

i just got a chihuahua mix hes 7 years old never had a dog and was told to get insurance im lost and was told to be careful with getting pet insurance because some will rip u off but was told they are good but it looks costly im lost