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As a dog photographer and a dog lover, I recommend Vet Insurance to all my clients, friends and anyone who I think might benefit. With two cats and two dogs, we have Vet Insurance for two of our pets ... the other two were adopted as seniors and we choose to take our chances with their bills as the cost of coverage is too high (and even then Vet Insurance's rates are best). But with the other two, Vet Insurance is - without question - our peace of mind. We've learned our lesson the hard way ... spending thousands on other rescue pets when we didn't have insurance, only to lose the pets anyway. But the biggest reason - for me - to have Vet Insurance is to know that when you're in those emergency situations you're not left worrying about the cost of crucial tests and whether you're going to be able to afford to save the life of your best friend. When I'm in those situations I don't need the added stress of deciding which tests or care to deny my pet because of cost. Fortunately, in the seven years I've been with Vet Insurance I've not had the need for any major claims, but I've certainly had my share, and I've been eternally grateful for their handling of those claims. Their staff is always gracious and show great concern for your pet, and I've never had an issue with any claim. With my pointer's recent diagnosis of degenerative joint disease I rest much easier at nights knowing that Vet Insurance has my back even though I treat a lot of it holistically and pay for it myself. As I said, there is no need to look at any of the other pet insurance companies. They simply don't compare, and I've heard the horror stories. Even at my vet's they always recommend Vet Insurance first. I don't stand behind too many products or companies, but without hesitation Vet Insurance has my vote, my support, and my strongest endorsement.

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