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I can't begin to say how happy we are to have Enbrace as our pet insurance. About two years age we brought home a beautiful 9 week old Akita pup and having had some large bills from other dogs we have had we decided to look into pet insurance. After doing some research I spoke with the people at Embrace & decided to give it a try. Less than two weeks later the unbelievable happened. Our pup was running along the fence in our back yard whenour neighbor's large dog got his head partly under the fence and got ahold of Storms right front leg and tried to pull him under it. My husband was right there and had to climb over the 6ft. fence and beat the dog to get Storm free. The leg was mangeled just hanging by a little piece of skin and meat. We rushed him to the emergency clinic and after he was stabelized, the did some surery to be followed by 4 more surgeries over the next months. We paid the bills and sent the claim forms to Embrace and THEY PAID just as they said the would. They were wonderful. We got to know the staff pretty well over time because they called and e-mailsd to check or Storm. It was an uncertain time for us, but they stayed right with us and let us know they cared. I couldn't believe that they paid those claims. We didn't even have a copy of the policy when the accident happened. Storm is now 2yrs old and is a happy, beautiful four legged boy. He plays with his sister Libby and is just a geat big 120lb clown. We would have had Storm's surgeries even without the insurance, but Embrace sure made things easier for us. They did exactly as they said they would and more. They paid and they CARED.If they had people insurance, we would be first to sign up!

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