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There is nothing outstanding about Pets Best.
I've had my 2 dogs insured since I've had them (2 years). Seems like I might have made the wrong decision when I chose Pets Best. I have given them several opportunities to "help" me want to stay a customer - but each conversation with them is friendly yet ineffective.

I like the simplicity of their plan - it's pretty straightforward about percentage payout, you get to use your own vets; but - they seem to be "overloaded" with paperwork and behind the 8 ball.

I originally faxed my claims to them on 8/21 and got a fax confirmation. There is no where on their site detailing the procedure for handling claims. The only thing I could see is to wait 10-15 days for processing. Apparantly, once you call they tell you that you'll receive an email confirmation once it has been received. I wished I could have read that on their web-site ... It would have saved me 2 weeks of waiting patiently.

I emailed my claims in again, expecting the email - and that took over a week to get. Despite my calls to check that they've been received. So now it's 3 WEEKS later and I still can't get a real confirmation that my paperwork has been received.

WEEK 4 - I finally get the emails that they have processed the claims - and most were correct, except one.

So when I call again - I am told I have to file an appeal. They just left charges off - so should I refile those charges? or file an appeal and wait ANOTHER month to hear back about the appeal. What if they tell me then that I have to refile the claim because they left off some charges. Is that going to take another month to refund??? SHOULD IT TAKE THAT LONG TO GET RESOLVED?

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