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This was the first time I had to submit insurance claims for my cat. I have only had the policy a short time. I have had unbelievable service and communication with the claims person. They are a really great insurance plan. I compared this plan to my daughter's plan and she is now going to change to pet plan.
I have a 200 deductible and 10% co payment and they paid the 10% to the exact amount. I was a little nervous with the first claim submitted as to how long it would be to get reimbursed and how much it was going to be. I recieved istant communication when the claim arrived to them by email. I received notice when the claim check was mailed along with a new form for future claims.This last claim check was received in two weeks. When they send an email it always says We are sorry to hear that ______was ill.

I had several questions for my claims person and she was so kind to me. She emailed back to me all the answers I needed to know. She made me feel less nervous about everything.

Anyone who needs pet insurance should be with Pet Plan. I recommend highly.

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