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I used to work at an animal hospital and saw many different pet insurance companies. Most of our clients had VPI and all I ever heard were complaints about that company so when it was time for me to get insurance for my dog, I did some research. Out of all the companies I found, PetsBest seemed to be the best fit for my dog. I have never had a problem with them and they process claims very quickly. So far I have had to file a few claims. Last December, my dog ate a 1lb box of chocolate and had to go to the ER and then in April she was attacked by another dog and, again, had to go to the ER. PetsBest never questioned anything and they sent over $100 back for each of those claims. They even cover dental cleanings which most of the other companies don't cover. They sent back a check for over $100 for that also. From what I had heard about the other companies, I wasn't expecting to recieve much back from the claims so I was pleasantly surprised when I recieved the checks. I highly recommend this company.

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