Watch what they are taking out of your account!!!

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I previously posted that they were great... unfortunately that has changed. I have never EVER come across this where a company randomly takes money out of your account - then has no record of it and doesn't know why it happened. Are you kidding me? In Feb they took out an additional $42 - I ended up having to send them my bank statement to PROVE it to them! It took about 8 or 9 phone calls as well to finally get a reimbursement. Now again I have a random $2.14 taken out of my account - they see no record of it. It's not the amount - this just cannot be happening randomly out of my checking account. Or if they do it they should have an explanation. I will be cancelling both of my plans w/ them and having my bank block them from removing any more money from my checking account... the bank will also do a dispute if they won't refund money that they randomly take out. I am shocked at their poor business services.

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Posted: 04/22/2010

be careful someone from the insurance company might be taking money out of your account with out them knowing.They could be doing that to others as well.
Good luck

Posted: 06/25/2010

This is a warning to review your statements carefully every month. That is why you get one! If a charge doesn't make sense, protest.I have had other companies do this, some "automatically renew" your "subscription" without your consent.
In one case a company had a dishonest employee making random charges.
Companies have to have a paper trail to track down the cause. It makes no sense to obstruct their investigation.